Cari Grease Services has over a decade of experience in providing cooking oil and grease service needs to restaurants, catering kitchens, commercial food manufacturing plants, grocery stores, and commissaries throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino Counties. We specialize in all grease and oil collection and related services such as grease traps, grease interceptors, used grease / used cooking oil, and high pressure washing services. We employ a team of well trained technicians who are dedicated to ensure you receive world class service.

Our service specialty is in the Food Servicing Establishment (FSE’s).  We are a one-stop shop specializing in the food industry by providing grease and oil related services.   We are committed to delivering long term results and pledge to provide you with nothing less than excellent service.

Cari Grease Services employs a team of specialists that have over two decades of experience in the cooking oil service industry.  We keep up with all the rules, regulations mandated by the state, counties, and local municipalities to ensure that our customers are always in compliance with all the current rules and regulations.


When it comes to providing a complete solution to your kitchen needs Cari Grease Services is here for you.   We are a full service company providing all collection of used cooking and other grease collection and related services, all with unbeatable service!


Join the hundreds of Cari Grease Services happy customers today!