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What is a Grease Interceptor Pump?

Grease interceptor (GI) is a plumbing device that is designed to eliminate fats, oils, grease and solids from entering the city sanitary SO4A4460system.  Sizes of grease interceptor can vary with a minimum size of 750 gallons and due to its large size it is located outside the premises.

Grease interceptor can have one or more chambers and manholes.  When pumping the interceptor we remove all the lids and pump from the top until it is completely empty.

Please note that in order to properly service a grease interceptor, all content must be removed from top to bottom.   Since grease interceptor contains grease, water and solids, the servicer must pump out the grease and water in order to reach the solids in the bottom.SO4A4407

 Grease and Solid waste entering the grease interceptor will mainly come from the kitchen; no sanitary waste should ever enter this system unless there is a plumbing problem. Grease interceptors are efficient when grease and solid content level of 30% or below.

Failing to properly maintain the lines can lead to grease interceptor overflow or line blockage.

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