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What is a Grease Trap?

A grease trap is a plumbing device which collects most grease and other solids before it enters a wastewater disposal system. Large amounts of oils from restaurants can cause flooding of the septic thome-slider-1ank which can then cause a release of untreated sewage into the environment. Cooking greases, when combined can cause blockage in drain pipes.

Most municipalities require restaurants and other food businesses to install an interceptor device which collects the grease before it enters the sewer.

Most grease traps are typically located inside the kitchen beneath the sinks varying in sizes from 150 gallons or below. Though, there are still a small percentage that grease traps can be located outside the facility.

SO4A4401If you own an automatic grease trap such as Big Dipper, Grease Boss, Thermaco, etc..  Please note that these devices will only separate the grease and not the solids.  Although, you may not have to service automatic grease traps as often as the non-automatic, we still highly suggest that these automatic devices to be pumped out every quarter to ensure that all solid content are removed.

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