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_O4A4273When it comes to maintaining pipe lines or sewer lines it may vary depending on the amount of foot traffic coming in and out as well as the type of food that is prepared.  In other words, a restaurant that serves 350 meals a day will require more maintenance than the one serving 50 meals.  In general, hydro jetting service are usually suggested to be done anywhere between 6-12 months.  By taking proper care of your pipelines, it can decrease any chances blockage and slow drains by over 90%.

Over time fats, oils, grease and solids (FOGS) coats, thickens, and SO4A4463accumulates inside pipelines, leading to slow drains and line blockage.  Restaurants and food manufacturing facilities that have grease traps and interceptors can suffer from costly remediation services especially if these gravity devices overflow.

Determining the cause of a blockage or overflow problem can be difficult at times.  At Cari Grease Services we will do our best to find the root of the problem with your lines by using our state of the art drain camera inspection to determine the true cause of the problem.

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